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      High speed manipulator

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      How to choose fast-food box high speed manipulator

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      How to choose fast-food box high speed manipulator

      Release date:2017-11-20 Author:肖金秀 Click:

      How to choose fast-food box high speed manipulator

      In today's world, people are paying more and more attention to the safety of food and food packaging. The foam box and the plastic meal box are being replaced by the injection fast food box. With the growth of the injection fast food box market, the more domestic fast food boxes are injection factories. Now, most of the fast food box factory projects are mostly focused on injection molding machines and moulds. Here, let's analyze another key that is overlooked, fast food box, high speed manipulator.

      Now the mainstream of the fast food box injection production cycle, generally the first mock exam out of two in 4.5 seconds; the first mock exam out of four in 5 seconds. In order to achieve this production speed, the three main configurations of the snack box factory, the injection molding machine, the mold and the manipulator, are all very demanding. This paper does not comment on the injection molding machine and die, and only analyzes the high-speed manipulator of the snack box.

      The whole injection molding and stacking production week of the fast food box is basically between 4.5~5 seconds. According to the fast calculation, look at the table below:

      Daily productionMonthly outputAnnual output
      60 seconds /4.5 seconds *60 minutes *24 hour =19200 mode / times19200*30 days =576000 mode / times576000*12 month =6912000 mode / times

      The manipulator is to move back and forth on the beam of the machine and walk around 1.2 meters every time.

      Walking mileage every dayWalking mileage every monthWalking mileage every year
      19200*1.2 m *2 =46.08 km =46080 M46080 m *30 days =1382400 m =1382.4 km1382400 m *12 months =16588800 m =16588.8 km

          That is to say, the manipulator takes 16588.8 kilometers a year. It can be seen that the application environment is very demanding for fast food box high speed manipulator, and the requirement of service life is added. Not the general manipulator can be competent.

      Secondly, we will also analyze the production process for fast food box high speed manipulator requirements.

      The cycle of an empty cycle is usually calculated on the basis of a period of 4.5 seconds plus 30% of the allowance, that is, within 4.5/1.3=3.46 seconds. At the same time, the development of production technology should be considered. The 4.5 second period should be calculated by 85%; then: 5*85%/1.3=2.9 seconds. Therefore, the air cycle cycle of a high speed manipulator should be within 2.9 seconds. Basically, most of the brands in the market can be reached.

      From the analysis of the production process, it can be seen that the occupying time in the mold is the key factor in the selection of fast food box high speed manipulator.

      In combination with the application environment and production process, it is easy to get the requirements of fast food boxes for high-speed mechanical hands.

      1. Short cycle of air circulation. (high speed)

      Fast food box high speed manipulator should cycle in 2.9 seconds.

      2. The short time in the mold. (high response)

      The shorter the shorter the time the better for the fast food box manipulator, the maximum can not be greater than 0.5 seconds.

      3, high stability. It includes hardware stability and software stability. (high stability)

      First, the hardware is stable. The following key components must be required to meet the requirements, including:

      U servo motor and driver: high speed, high response and high stopping performance.

      U reducer: stable and mature, international famous brand.

      U guide and slider: high rigidity and high wear resistance and good lubricity.

      Cable, u high speed belt, chain, trachea: should have a high resistance to split, bending strength.

      U mechanical structure: the design is reasonable, the machining precision is high, and the rigidity is good.

      The last and most important point is that it is often a point to be ignored. It's the stability of the software.

      Software includes the rationalization of operating software and technical solutions.

      Most of the software market is operating system Huacheng company, but only provide the basis for Huacheng version, for companies to understand the application of different. Different improvements are made on the base version. This requires companies to have a deep understanding of the application of the high-speed machine.

      Technical programme:

      The first method is to increase the motor power in the original ordinary mechanical hand, such as using the original motor increase hundreds of Watts 1000 watts, 1500 watts or to servo motor, speed immediately a lot faster; but the result is the speed of action feel fast, action between excessive haste is not smooth; and the whole cycle no matter the raise.

      The most important is the action change irregularity machine jitter and broken belt, gas pipe, false alarm, rail wear and so on a series of serious consequences. This irresponsible technical scheme is completely unacceptable.

      The other is the professional development program. Like Zhuhai, such a strong technical team for the company has many years of experience in the fast food box industry. At the same time, we fully understand the characteristics and applications of different servomotor companies and different types of servomotors and actuation. We can develop a professional technical scheme with fast cycle and excessive smooth movement.

          High speed manipulator

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      Contact us

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